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Cubeware receives #1 ranking in core categories in BI Survey 10

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As the largest international study on Business Intelligence applications and usage, the BI Survey provides a highly valuable resource for companies on the search for suitable products.

In its tenth edition, the survey summarizes the feedback of 2,006 BI users on their software installations and covers 57 different BI tools. Cubeware Cockpit V6pro, which ranks in the top 26 products on the overall global list, has also achieved top placements.

#1 rankings for Cubeware

–  Best goal achievement among Analysis Products
–  Best suitability (i.e. for project implementations)
–  Best implementer support
–  Best product ranking in the category “Deployment

Top placements in core categories

–  #3 ranking for “Business Achievement” among the top 26 global products
–  Highest “Goal Achievement Index” for number of report consumers and self-service tasks
–  Top rankings for support
–  Lowest administrative headcount among Analysis Products

Achieve your goals – with Cubeware!
Cubeware has achieved top rankings in the core category “Goal Achievement” in BI projects.

–  #1 in the Analysis Products peer group
–  #2 in the overall list of BI products
–  95.7% of Cubeware users have achieved or exceeded their project objectives

The BI Survey measures the “Goal Achievement Index” (GAI) of BI projects. In particular, the participants were asked if they have achieved their original business objectives through the project. Within the Analysis Products peer group, Cubeware achieved top rankings in various subcategories of the GAI including:

–  Implementation by business users
–  Application age
–  Best implementer support
–  No product-related problems
–  Lowest administrative headcount
–  Best suitability
–  Best implementation (providing report consumers)
–  Self-service tasks

Targeted information delivery generates BI added value
In order to make fast decisions on a daily basis, business users want ready access to current, specific information in their BI applications – without having to take a detour through the IT department. The BI Survey 10 examines these capabilities in the “Self Service Tasks” category. Easy-to-use BI solutions with self-service features for business professionals save valuable IT resources and help promote fast decisions on all enterprise levels.

Targeted, efficient push services for supplying information – for example, as customized, standard reports – to many different consumers throughout the company is one way to successfully support these needs. In this category, Cubeware Cockpit V6pro ranks among the top Analysis Products. This ensures that decision-makers in all business departments have the information they need to make timely, well-informed decisions.

Business benefits: Users love Cubeware
In addition to goal achievement, Cubeware also received excellent marks in the individual categories comprising the Business Benefit Index.

Customers have ranked Cubeware in the top 5 overall products for:

–  Fast implementation, low implementation costs
–  Low license costs, high rate of licenses in use
–  Low administration headcount for the current application
–  High level of integration with products from other vendors
–  Fast response times for end-user queries
–  High level of usage in business departments

Business achievement: Cubeware generates tangible added value
The “Business Achievement Index” is based on the combined scores of the “Business Benefits Index” and the “Goals Achieved Index”. This performance indicator shows how much added value the BI application has generated as well as how well the organization could achieve its goals using it. In the “Business Achievement” category, Cubeware ranks in the top three of the world’s leading 26 products. The vendors within this top-three placement, however, are separated only by 0,01 points.

Implementation and support: Cubeware provides comprehensive support
One of the key factors for a successful BI solution is competent support through BI professionals – both during the implementation phase as well as in day-to-day operations. According to the results of the BI Survey, the right implementation partner, who is also there to answer arising questions or issues after the implementation, is a central success factor for BI solutions.

With Cubeware and its network of certified partners, companies are in the best of hands. Cubeware has received a first-place ranking from its customers in various support categories including:

–  Best implementer support
–  Best vendor support


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